SIDDHARTH CHEMICALS is the leading industrial biocides manufacturer in India with a ISO 9001:2015 Certification in chemical manufacturing having experience of over three decades.

SIDCHEM is India’s largest manufacturer of Dithiocarbamate. Our Manufacturing unit is located at the Kundaim Industrial Area, at Ponda- Goa & also a workshop at Dombivili. SIDCHEM administrative office is based in Vaddem, Vasco-da- gama. The current installed capacity is 6000 Tons per annum. SIDCHEM’S In house R&D efforts have pioneered several advances in the process as well as in the product mix.

SIDCHEM’s products represent a wide range of chemistries, all of which have been demonstrated to be effective in controlling bacteria, yeast, fungi, and algae in many aqueous-based industrial applications.

S.V.Sinai Manerkar


Shakil Manerkar

We also manufacture & supply custom-blended antimicrobial agents that prevent microbiological activity in industrial processes and products, and the resulting adverse consequences. Industrial antimicrobial agents and preservatives are synonymous terms for chemicals that inhibit the growth of microorganisms. They are used depending on the product's functions and nature of the end use in the industrial sector.

SIDCHEM offers a complete and diverse portfolio of products to meet your individual needs.

  • Dithoicarbamate
  • Biocides
  • Preservatives
  • Mill Sanitation
  • Industry Cleaning Chemical
  • Biocides for Guargum
  • Fish & Prawn Chemical
  • BenzolKonium Chloride
  • Anti Bacterial Agent
  • Anti Fungal Agent
  • Pigmented/Mineral Slurries
  • Latex /Polymer Emulsions
Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter


SIDCHEM was established in year 1988 with the intention of providing quality chemicals to various industries. SIDCHEM was founded by S.V.Manerkar over 30 years ago. Now almost three decades of experience in chemical manufacturing we have grown as one of the most reliable chemical manufacturers in India. We value our partnership with our suppliers & customers, we have made our utmost priority to serve them well. We Manufacture BIOCIDES AND PRESERVATIVES with always keeping quality as our top priority as for the need of successful application. We always maintain pricing consistency and flexibility as per our customer requirements and needs. Due to our quality and service we are associated with the best companies in their source of application


Business Ethics

We value our patners. Understanding needs and collabrating with our customers is what we do best.

Vast Industry

We have a wide product range of products & also manufacture custom blended chemicals.

30 Year Experience

An ambitious leader with a experienced & qualified team leading industry since 3 decades.

Flexible Pricing

We maintain pricing consistency as per our customer needs and requirements.


As our products quality is very important for our customer and its successful applications.


We deliver highest product quality according to the customers requirement.


Our Goals

  • Increases our reach over the world mainly middle east Africa and south east Asia.
  • Growth in the products targeting more industrial sectors.
  • Build long term business relationships with our clients.
  • Increase our number of channel partners & distributors.
  • To be the global leader in manufacturing & suppling DITHIOCARBAMATES.

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Of Industrial Chemicals

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ISO 9001:2015

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Over 30 years

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