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A sugar mill converts sugarcane to sugar crystals by various continuous processes like crushing, evaporating, filtering & Distillation. Starting from the primary juice, these microorganisms have been found to be present at all stages of sugar manufacturing upto sugar and final molasses. Sugarcane juice processed is an excellent medium for the growth of many types of microorganisms. These include bacteria and fungi capable of degrading of sucrose in production process.

Many species of bacteria and yeasts produce enzyme invertase that splits sucrose into glucose and fructose. This results in sucrose loss with high reducing sugars levels due to inversion. These microorganisms, especially Leuconostoc mesenteroides also produce copious amount of extracellur polymeric substance, notably dextran. These slimy polymers interfere in the process of sugar crystal formation and result in elongated crystals & fermentation. This adversely affects the sugar quality & gives out a bad odor. It is therefore extremely important that the microbial activity in the cane juice is kept at the minimum. To maximize the sugar recovery from each of the processes, different sugar process chemicals are used for individual production processes. Our comprehensive ranges of high performance chemicals have been formulated scientifically to deliver significant operational benefits with economizing the production process. Microbial activity in a sugar mill can be controlled by the application of a properly selected mill sanitation chemical. A good mill sanitation chemical, in addition to being able to control the microbial activity at low dose levels, must be degraded during the process to leave no residues. Use of SIDCHEM-1001(SDMDC) which is a mill sanitation chemical for sugar industries, helps the sugar processing mill for a hassle free production and attain maximum recovery of sugar crystals.

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Sidchem's prolong focus on quality & service, has resulted in offering a wide range of Mill Sanitation chemicals. These chemicals are processed by our experienced experts using premium quality of chemical compounds and accurate substances in obedience to globally accepted quality standards. The chemicals offered by us are tested by various quality examines to seek any possible fault from the product.

Sidchem's customers appreciate the chemicals offered by us for its accurate composition and high purity. Additionally, we offer these at competitive prices to ensure that their economic viability is maintainedas per the industry. Backed with huge industry experience and market understanding, we are involved in manufacturer, exporter and importer a wide variety of Mill Sanitation Chemicals for our valued patners.

Product Function:

  • Broad spectrum Biocide.
  • Very effective to control Fungal/Bacterial growth

Under this category, we offer the following products:



  • Used in sugar cane milling section
  • Sugar quality and purity management
  • Sterilization of equipments

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