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Micro Biocide against Slimicide

The paper manufacturing industry has microbiological problems due to bacteria, fungi and algae. These problems are due to paper fibers which are suspended in a large volume of recirculating water before being removed by filtration and compacted and dried to form the paper sheet. Contamination may originate from the air, water, recycled pulp & waste water. In the manufacturing process, this can result in the buildup of slime at key points in the process. If uncontrolled, the slime can accumulate and eventually break away, leading to problems such as paper breaks, spray nozzle blockage and discoloration of the finished product.

The major spoilage organisms are aerobic bacteria. Paper consists of a web of pulp fibers derived from wood or other plants from which lignin and other non-cellulose components are separated by cooking in a congruent way with chemicals at a high temperature. In the final stages of papermaking aqueous slurry of fiber components and additives is deposited on a wire screen and water is removed by gravity, pressing, suction and evaporation. Growth of micro organisms in the above paper manufacturing processes can cause major technical, economic and hygienic problems mainly due to slime formation. The chemical-physical conditions and the compositions of microorganisms may vary widely in one process and between processes.

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Biocides are added to the wet end process to prevent slime formation. Introduction of neutral or alkaline sizing instead of acidic papermaking, the closed water circuits and the increasing proportions of recycled paper have required changes in biocide types in order to control different microbial populations. Biocides are also used in the pulp and paper industry for the protection of processing materials. The main biocides used in this application fall into the preservative.

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Product Function:

  • Reduces slime formation
  • Very effective to control Sulphate Reducing Bacteria
  • Controls the pH range
  • Contributing no odor & taste to paper products

Under this category, we offer the following products:



  • Used in paper machine furnishes

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